Monkfish and mussels ‘cataplana’

“Receita Vatel by Chef Justa Nobre”

Ingredients (4 people):

400 g monkfish;
200 g mussels with shells;
2 dl olive oil;
200 g onions;
2 garlic cloves;
1 bay leaf;
300 g ripe tomato;
1 dl white wine;
½ dl milk;
100 g red peppers;
100 g green peppers;
as desired vatel’s traditional sea salt;
as desired peppers and piri-piri;
100 g coriander;
2 soup spoons vatel’s baking soda

Preparation: fillet the monkfish and cut in medallions. Wash them well under water and with vatel’s baking soda*. In the ‘cataplana’, place the diced onions, the minced garlic and fresh tomato. Add the monkfish and mussels and cover with the remaining ingredients, except for the coriander. Cover the ‘cataplana’ and let it cook for 15 to 20 minutes. Use this time to wash the coriander, dry them in kitchen paper and dice them. When it is time to serve, add the coriander. You can serve the monkfish and mussels with white rice or potatoes.

*vatel’s baking soda is a powerful ally in the kitchen.

– it helps to wash shellfish: washing in a water based solution with vatel’s baking soda, adding 1 soup spoon per liter of water.

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