Quality Policy

Vatel’s priority is to meet Portuguese consumers’ needs and expectations. Along the years we have invested in innovation, combining new methods and technologies, always having in mind the concern with quality, tradition and portugality that distinguish our brand.

Vatel is a company certified according to EN ISO 9001:2015 standards. The recognition expressed by our clients and consumers is a reward for having invested in optimization of resources and processes, so that our brand pursues its permanent goal of evolution and respect for K+S group’s rigorous quality policy.

HACCP System

In Vatel we are well aware of market needs and of our consumers demands, and have been making huge investments in order to make sure that our products fulfil all the HACCP requirements, one of the most demanding certifications. Vatel stands at the forefront of the companies in this sector. Along the years we have been making every effort to eliminate all risk factors for customers. Through all our team commitment we invest in safe food production, in order to guarantee our customers satisfaction, seeking for continuous improvement.

HACCP System (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) is a preventive system that uses science and technical based principles to make sure that food produced is safe to eat. These principles are: conduct a hazard and critical control points analysis, establish critical limits, establish monitoring systems, establish corrective actions and verification procedures, establish documentation concerning all procedures and, at last, control the records.