Vatel with you since 1915

When we speak about salt, “Salt means Vatel…”

Alive in our childhood memories, Vatel’s reputation has lasted for several generations, still being a fully reliable brand in the present.
Vatel’s priority is to meet the needs and expectations of the Portuguese consumers. Over the years we have been making investments on innovation, adopting new methods and technologies, always keeping in mind the concern with quality, tradition and portugality that are our brand image.


Fine Salt and Cooking Salt are the table salts most commonly used in the traditional Portuguese cuisine.


In this segment Vatel offers some sea salt varieties special for food preparation, seasoning and finalization of some traditional dishes of the Mediterranean cuisine and diet.


Vatel offers three new products that may be used everyday as an alternative to common salt (Vatel Classic). These salts may be added to already processed food or during food preparation.


VATEL Traditional Sea Salt is hand-harvested by artisans in small salterns located in the Algarvian coast.