Household tips

Enhance coffee flavour

Add a pinch Vatel® salt to your coffeemaker basket. This will improve the coffee’s flavour by helping to remove some of the acid taste.

Freshen up the air

You can make a homemade air freshener. Just cut an orange in half, remove the pulp, and fill the skin with Vatel® salt. Place it anywhere in your home to get a pleasant aromatic scent.

Chill drinks

Salt can help you to relax. Place a bottle of wine or Champaign in an ice bucket or other plastic container. Add a layer of ice on the bottom and sprinkle it with a few tablespoons Vatel® salt. Continue to lay salt and ice until it reaches the neck of the bottle. Then add water to ice level. After 10-12 minutes, open and serve.

Clean coffee residues

Salt may be useful to help removing coffee stains from the inside of a coffee pot. Just add 4 teaspoons Vatel® salt, 1 teacup crushed ice and 1 tablespoon water. Gently swirl until clean, then rinse.

Eliminate egg spills

Salt may help you to clean egg spills. Just pour a pinch Vatel® salt on top of the spill and then wipe up with a paper towel.

Clean vases

Salt will help you to restore flower vases. Just mix 1/3 cup Vatel® salt and 2 tablespoons vinegar to form a paste. Apply to inside of vase and let stand 20 minutes. Then scrub and remove the paste. Rinse the vase and dry it. For large vases, double or triple the quantity of the paste.

Clean artificial flowers

Place the flowers into a large bag and pour in one cup Vatel® salt. Shake vigorously and remove.

Eliminate fish odor

It is possible to eliminate fish odor from your hands using salt. Just rub your hands with a lemon slice dipped in Vatel® salt, then rinse with water.

Eliminate cutting board odors

To help cut odors off of your cutting board, simply lay a generous amount of Vatel® salt directly on the board. Rub with a damp cloth and then wash in tepid, sudsy water.

Remove waste containers odors

To help remove odors from waste containers pour 1/2 teacup Vatel® salt directly into the container.

Remove bicycle rust

Don’t let bicycle rust interfere with your leisure time. To clean the rust from handlebars, tires and rims, make a paste using 6 tablespoons Vatel® salt and 2 tablespoons lemon juice. Apply paste to rusted area with a dry cloth and rub. Rinse thoroughly and dry.

Patch Up Walls

To patch small nail holes and cracks in plaster, mix 2 tablespoons Vatel® salt, 2 tablespoons cornstarch and about 4 to 5 teaspoons water to make a thick paste. Fill the hole and let dry.