Ancestors and superstitions

Salt was a symbol of hospitality, friendship and trust “share bread and salt”.Our ancestors used to throw salt in the fire to chase evil spirits away.

In Japan, Feng Shui uses salt to cleanse and purify homes.

Romans and Hebrews used to salt the corpses to purify them and to enable their passing to the next life.

Jews and Muslims believed that salt protected them from evil eye.

All over Europe it became very popular to submerge newborn children in saltwater and put a pinch of salt on the tip of their tongue.

It was once believed that since there was salt in a home there would never be shortness of money.

It was also believed that when salt was spread along street corners on 1st April, cattle would be protected from diseases.

To prevent a non-christened child from being object of sorcery, a small bag of salt was tied to its clothes during sleep.

Spilled salt is an evil omen, and superstitious people used to throw three handfuls of salt over the left shoulder to chase evil spirits away.