Tricolor soup

“Receita Vatel by Chef Justa Nobre”

Ingredients (6/8 people):

2 l water;
300 g chayote,
300 g cauliflower;
300 g potato;
100 g onion;
2 garlic cloves;
1 soup spoon vatel’s iodised sea salt;
1,5 dl olive oil

Preparation: peel the vegetables, potato, onion and garlic. Cut in small pieces and boil in 2 l of water. Before completely boiled, add vatel’s salt. In the end, add the olive oil and whizz the soup until smooth.

Ingredients (for the coriander coulis):

100 g fresh coriander;
3 l water;
1 soup spoon vatel’s baking soda

Preparation: wash the coriander under water. Place in a bowl with the 3 l of water and vatel’s baking soda for 5 minutes. Clean well, washing them again under water. Place a pot with 2 litres of water boiling, and blanch the coriander in that pot. Drain and put them in ice water. Drain and whizz. If a thick paste, you can add a little bit of cold water. Put in a proper recipient for food.

Ingredients (for the carrot coulis):

200 g carrots;
½ l water;
1 coffee spoon vatel’s iodised sea salt;
2 soup spoons milk;
1 soup spoon olive oil

Preparation: peel the carrot, cut in small pieces and cook in ½ l of water with vatel’s salt. Once it is cooked, add the milk and olive oil and whizz it well, until smooth. Serve the soup in a plate or bowl, and plate using the two coulis to draw.

Suggestion for children: you can put the coulis in a baby bottle and let the children draw in their own soup.

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