Shrimp tartar with green mango

“Receita Vatel by Chef Justa Nobre”

Ingredients (4/6 people):

500 g shelled shrimp;
350 g green mango;
2 tablespoons basil;
2 tablespoons chives;
3 limes zest;
1 dl oil;
1 teaspoon himalayas table salt (shaker 250g or 500g package);
as desired black pepper mill

Preparation: peel the raw shrimp and chop into very small pieces. Place in a bowl. Peel the mango and chop it into tiny pieces. Add to the shrimp. Add the basil in julienne (very thin strips). Add the chopped chives, the lime zest, the oil, the vatel salt, the pepper and mix well. Refrigerate 30 minutes or until cool. Divide the preparation by 4 to 6 plates and with the aid of a ring give it the shape of a hamburger.

Serve with sprouts to taste and slices of toasted bread.

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