Iodized Fine Salt 250 g

VATEL Iodized Fine Salt is an alternative to common Fine Salt.

Iodine is a mineral element essential to human body growth and adequate development. Iodine is needed for the production of thyroid hormones. Lack of enough iodine can lead to relevant health problems, particularly during pregnancy and infancy. Vatel offers this Iodized Fine Salt so that the required quantity of iodine needed for the development of a well balanced body may be introduced in daily diet.

Iodine contributes to normal production of the thyroid hormones and proper thyroid function.

Iodine contributes to normal cognitive function.

Iodine contributes to proper functioning of the nervous system.

Its use is recommended either in the kitchen in dish finalization, sauces or dressings, chips, among others, or at table according to your taste and preferences. It also helps to enhance sweets and desserts sweetness and flavour.

VATEL Iodized Fine Salt should be stored in a cool, dry place.

This product must be protected from direct exposure to sunlight.

The VATEL Iodized Fine Salt 250 g package was specially designed with UV protection to ensure preservation of the IODINE contained in the product.

Nutritional InformationPer 100g*NRV
Energy0 kj/0 kcal 
Fat0 g 
of which  
– saturated0 g 
Carbohydrates0 g 
of which  
– sugars0 g 
Fiber0 g 
Protein0 g 
Salt98,3 g 
Iodine2300 (µg)1533

*NRV = Nutrient reference values