Beetroot salad with a walnut sauce

Receita hoje para jantar


1 medium beetroot (boiled or roasted);
1 apple;
2 dry figs;


2 soup spoons olive oil;
1 soup spoon lemon juice;
1 soup spoon walnuts;
1 soup spoon honey;
vatel’s iodised table salt

Cut the beetroot in slices of 0.5cm. Cut it in cubes or with a mandolin. Slice the figs and apples. Mince the walnuts roughly. In a tray, add the arugula, apple, beetroot and the figs. Place the minced walnuts on top. Season with the walnut sauce.

Sauce: add the walnuts to a mortar or blender to crush them. Add the remaining ingredients and mix well until you have a homogeneous sauce without any walnut pieces.

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