Squid rice

“Receita Vatel by Chef Justa Nobre”

Ingredients (4 people):

1 kg clean squid;
1.5 dl olive oil;
as desired vatel’s traditional sea salt;
as desired pepper;
150 g onions;
10 g garlic;
300 g ripe tomatoes;
1 dl white wine;
50 g red peppers;
50 g green peppers;
100 g fresh coriander;
50 g vatel’s baking soda;
1.2 l water;
300 g ‘carolino’ rice;
hot sauce

How to: braise the onions and minced garlic in the olive oil. Add the chopped tomato e let it braise for a short time. Add the wine, and let it braise for a further 2 minutes. Add the squid, that should have previously been thinly sliced and seasoned with vatel’s traditional sea salt and pepper. Let it cook. Add water and, once it boils, add the rice, the thinly sliced peppers, the hot sauce and let it cook. Pass the coriander under water and place them in a bowl with two litres of water and 2 spoons of vatel’s baking soda. Afterwards pat them dry with kitchen paper. Mince the coriander and add them to the rice when it is ready to serve.

Vatel’s suggestion: to clean and disinfect fruits, vegetables and fresh aromatics, add one soupspoon of vatel’s baking soda per litre of water.

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