Mission and Values

Tradition, Portugality, Quality and Reliability

In Portugal no other salt brand is more familiar than Vatel, a name that has been present in the Portuguese people meals since 1915.

Vatel’s reputation has lasted for several generations. Adopting innovative practices, combining new methods and technologies, always keeping in mind the concern with quality that was crucial to develop a brand name full of tradition and reliability, Vatel has always sought to meet the needs, demands and expectations of current and future consumers.

Tradition, Portugality, Quality and Reliability are values definitely associated with Vatel, which make this brand a respected benchmark in the Portuguese gastronomy.

According to a recent independent survey, Vatel brand has a notoriety rate of 90% in the Portuguese market. When someone speaks about salt, “Salt is Vatel”, as this is the brand that the Portuguese people know, like, prefer and use.