Baked apple in salted caramel and roses ice-cream

“Receita Vatel by Chef Justa Nobre”

Ingredients (4 people):

4 granny smith apples;
4 soupspoons honey;
50 g brown sugar;
50 g butter;
1 cinnamon stick;
2 peppermint bunches;
as desired vatel’s sea salt;
1 dl lemongrass tea

How to: peel the apples and cut in quarters. In a frying pan, add the honey, brown sugar, butter, mint and cinnamon, place on a high heat until it boils. Add the apple, cover the pan and lower the heat, letting it cook in a low heat. After the apple is tender, add the tea and vatel’s sea salt, as desired. Let it be for 1 minute. Serve in four plates, with the cooking sauce from the apple, and a roses ice-cream scoop or another one you prefer.

Vatel’s suggestion: sea salt is ideal to highlight the flavour and the sweetness of a dessert. It also enhances the flavours of warm vegetables, meat and grilled fish. It can also be used to finish or decorate the dish.

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